Fun and Useful ways to use empty notebooks

Got a diary as a memento from your university? Or a journal as a gift from friends? Don’t waste them!

Writing in books is an old school habit (still practiced by few), since the invention of notes on phones and computers. For some, it is simply more convenient than writing things down. However, to pick up a notebook and write can be exciting. Here are fun but useful ways you can use empty notebooks

1. Self-improvement planner

Create a daily/weekly plan on how you want to work towards improving yourself. It could be a training you want to do to get ahead in your job or steps you take to be nice to your sibling. You can track it using a notebook and also add start and end dates for each task that you work on.

2. Book/Movie review

How many times do we reflect on or discuss in detail the books that we have read or movies that we have watched? If you are a bibliophile or a movie buff, you can use your spare notebooks to write what you learnt from reading a particular book (instead of highlighting in the novel itself) or watching a movie. You could also write what you liked or disliked about the book or the movie, add some pictures, quotes etc to make it more interesting.

3. Quotes you resonate with

Sometimes, while you are mindlessly scrolling on Instagram or pinterest, you may stumble up on certain quotes that you would resonate with. Use your diaries to write these quotes down. Whether we accept it or not, certain quotes do help uplift our mood instantly.

4. Photo Album

Looking at photos in albums has its own joy. Decorate your diary and turn it into a photo album. Print pictures from your travel trips, university days, Work locations and add them in your DIY album.

5. Job tracking journal

If you are applying to jobs, it may get difficult to track the many companies that have rejected/accepted or reviewed your application. Use your spare notebooks to write down the company name, role and application status to easily track the progress you are making.

You can use your notebooks in so many more ways and this of course is not an exhaustive list. Writing has its own benefits and will definitely help you gain some great insights and perspective. Do you have spare notebooks? And how do you plan on using them? Let us know!


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