4 Business podcasts to listen to on Spotify

Podcasting started around 2013 and has grown immensely over the past 15 years. Many rely on podcasts because they are not avid readers of books, the news etc. They even say, podcasts need to be added to one’s content marketing strategy because it is growing at a very fast pace and people enjoy listening to podcasts.

It is an easy way to consume information, a great alternative to videos and highly engaging.

Being well informed about the industry that you work in or just informed about business in general is very important when you are trying to grow in your field. Reading tech, business or financial information online can get overwhelming at times because of the very many jargons used and the abundance of information that you find on the internet. What to read and what to discard gets confusing. As mentioned earlier, podcasts can be a great alternative not only to videos but also to books or news articles!

Here is a list of 4 podcasts that you can listen to on Spotify for free if you are looking to grow in you corporate job:

Let’s do shots

Presented by Mad over Marketing, this podcast narrates interesting marketing and advertising stories that need to be heard. These podcasts are not more than 8-10 minutes long. They are short, impactful and full of information. If you are into marketing or advertising, and want to keep up with the recent trends, this podcast is for you.

All you need to know

This is a podcast hosted by Bloomberg. This podcast claims to prepare you for your daily business. From covid impact on the Indian economy to the key finance related policy news, ‘All you need to know’ has you covered. It keeps you engaged because each episode is not more than 8-10 minutes and it provides you a daily dose of the business news that you need.

Get a job at Mckinsey, BCG, Bain

Getting a consulting job at the big 3 firms is a dream come true for most people. This is a podcast presented by Mortiz Gruber, who has worked with Mckinsey for about 10 years (from 2000-2010). The podcast throws light on the process followed by MBB to recruit people. It aims at preparing you for the MBB recruitment process by presenting examples of case studies. Mortiz also recalls his personal experiences at the consulting firm. There are interviews with the head of BCG recruiter that are very informative for someone planning to apply to these firms. 

Great Women of Business

This podcast does not ‘prepare you’ for your corporate job per say, but it aims to inspire its listeners by providing great examples of individuals who have battled sexism, broken the glass ceiling and made it to the top. The stories on this podcast examines innovative business principles adopted by these famous personalities.

The best thing about podcasts is that it can be consumed on the go, whether you are working or running, cooking or sleeping. This is literally just a list of 4 out of the 4 million on Spotify. Do browse the Spotify podcast list. There is a podcast for every mood. (Just like music)


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