4 ways to perform well at work if you are new to corporate

Most of us want to be good at what we do. We want to perform well. It could be for our own satisfaction or because we love our jobs and want to make a mark for ourselves in our professions.

Sometimes being diligent and working on your day to day tasks may not give you the satisfaction you desire from the job. There are other ways you can improve your performance and excel at your job!

Here are four ways to perform well at work if you are new to corporate:

  1. Be Proactive

Creating situations rather than just responding works well sometimes. Don’t just work on things assigned to you. Try involving yourself in projects/activities that you are not part of as well. This not only helps you grow within the firm but also helps build your skills.

2. Pick up firm initiative

As graduates, we come with an abundance of creative ideas and initiatives. Sometimes they get lost with the mundane day to day activities. We may not get many opportunities to be as creative or fun. If your day to day job does not involve a lot of creativity, involve yourself in firm initiatives. These could include activities such as – fun Fridays, Wellbeing initiatives, Townhalls, Promotion party planning etc. Who knows, this could be fun too! It is also a great plus point on your CV.

3. Take constant feedbacks

89% HR Leaders agree that ongoing peer feedback and check-ins are key for successful outcomes. Receiving constructive feedback has a lot of pros [It engages the employees. It builds relationship within the team]. So requesting for frequent feedbacks is a great way to improve your performance and remain motivated. 92% of respondents of a survey conducted by HBR agreed with the assertion, “Negative (redirecting) feedback, if delivered appropriately, is effective at improving performance.” So always ask your employer to highlight even the negatives in your feedback sessions.

You could ask these questions during your feedback sessions.

4. Be Professional

Last but not the least, dress for the job, take charge, pay attention, show up on time, speak up in meetings, deliver what you promised, and be honest. All in all, be a professional. These are the most under rated aspects of a job, but employers most definitely observe these traits in every employee. It may also have an impact on the yearly performance reviews.

Final Thoughts

These are not tips to impress your boss, get a good hike or fit in. These are tips you can use to grow as an individual in your profession. These tips can help YOU meet YOUR expectations of being a good performer. This is the least you can do to be a good professional in your workplace.

Let us know in the comments below if any of these tips have worked (or not) for you!


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