Using Post-it Notes

I recently made a visit to the stationery shop JUST TO purchase some post-it notes because I had run out of them . I wondered if it was really a necessity because it required me to get dressed and make the effort of walking all the way to the stationary shop, just to get post its. But how or why did post-it notes get that famous that we almost can’t even think of performing certain activities without them?

Lets first talk about the history of Post-its

Post its were discovered by accident. Yes. Post-it wasn’t a real idea. Dr. Spencer Silver (a 3M scientist) was researching adhesives and accidentally created a glue that sticks lightly to a surface but does not leave a residue – which was not what he wanted to achieve. He was on a quest to develop adhesive that was bigger, stronger and tougher.

Meanwhile, Art Fry, another 3M scientist, was frustrated. He needed a bookmark that would stick to the paper on his hymn book without damaging the pages.Art Fry partnered with Silver and developed what we today call Post-it notes, that are available in almost 150 countries!

Why do we use Post-it notes?

Post-its are everywhere. Home, schools and even at work. Why are they everywhere? Such a simple discovery yet it is given so much importance.

The biggest advantage of a Post-it note is that it is compact. It fits in your pockets, bags and basically everywhere. You do not really have to carry a notebook everywhere you go if you have your Post-its with you. Attending a workshop where you have to take notes before you head to a party? Post it notes to the rescue! You can fit it in your wallet and say goodbye to big bags with notebooks or laptops.

You can stick them anywhere. This is an advantage because, if you are making a hectic to do list or HAVE TO go grocery shopping on a particular day and need constant reminders, you can write them down on your post-it and stick it in your bathroom, kitchen, study- practically anywhere.

You can use them as book marks. Lately there have been many variants of Post-its. You get them in different shapes and sizes. The small ones can be used to book mark your favorite quotes from your favorite books and important topics to be studied on your textbooks, without being very messy.

They are even used (a lot in fact) at workplaces to build roadmaps, initial planning stage, for color coding and even task tracking. Honestly, the list goes on.

Do post its have e-alternatives?
Yes ofcourse. You can simply keep a reminder to go grocery shopping if it is that important, take notes on your phone or use a to do list app. Even companies are trying to use e-alternatives for Post-its. You can now perform task tracking on tools like JIRA, Trello or Teams. There is something called ‘Microsoft Sticky notes’ apparently.
There are many tools that can be used as a replacement for Post-its. The question is do we really want to?  The satisfaction you get to rip off the note when you are done with your task is something else. Isn’t it?

The question that arises is, are they Eco-friendly?
Post-it notes are recyclable. They are also made using recycled paper. There are many Post-it notes that are available with paper containing at least 30% – 100% postconsumer recycled paper.

So go ahead and buy those Post-its and make them lists. Because, Post-its are really not harmful to the environment! You can read more about it here.


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