4 life lessons I learnt as a Management Consultant

As individuals we go through experiences and grow through them. My first job has been an unforgettable experience so far. I recently celebrated my 2nd year work anniversary at a management consulting firm and I got to thinking… what are some of the life lessons that I can take away from this job? Here are a few that I came up with:

  1. There is no shame in not knowing everything
    Most of the time, college graduates learn on the job. The scope of work may differ from project to project. We are made to work on different roles or industries few times a year. It is always better to be aware of the latest trends and news. However, you need to make peace with the fact that you will not know everything and it is okay to ask.
  2. You survive if you adapt
    Adaptability is a sought after skill in any industry. All the travel, the diversified projects, learning new technology, tools and techniques entering the market everyday can be overwhelming. But it is really the survival of the fittest.
  3. Staying curious
    When we are curious we ask more questions. As a result, we come up with innovative ideas. Staying curious is important for any job and to do anything better. As mentioned earlier, one can never know everything in consulting and hence asking questions, learning from others helps improve productivity and performance.
  4. Not jumping to conclusions
    In consulting, we discuss an issue with multiple parties, perform rigorous and systematic analysis, make pro-con lists, and build a few pie charts to represent our analysis before we approach the client. Hence, there is no scope for error or assumption. This not only teaches you how not to jump to conclusions but also gives you a chance to derive a rational explanation.

These are some of the many lessons that Consulting has taught me. Turning my desk job learning into life lessons has helped shape my perspective and has also made me a lot wiser!

– N

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8 thoughts on “4 life lessons I learnt as a Management Consultant

  1. Coming from a consulting background, I am aware of the fact that management consulting is not for everyone!!!! And you have articulated most useful, practical skills and tips that would help anyone wanting to break into ‘consulting industry’ and thriving (surviving:-) there!!

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  2. Absolutely! We may be on two ends of the spectrum but I completely resonate with everything you’ve written. Points 1 and 3 should actually be perceived as each a global phenomenon, especially when we enter the job market as crude freshers. It helps. Brilliant job N.

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